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Hot Stone Massage in Sunbury

Charm Thai Therapy provides reliable hot stone massages in Sunbury.

Hot Stone Therapy

Hot stones are renowned for their effective healing capacity. The heat that emanates from the water-heated basalt stones warms and relaxes your body tissues and muscles, opens your blood vessels and improves circulation.

Here at Charm Thai Therapy, we take your health condition and needs into consideration before starting any treatment.

Opens your blood vessels and improves circulation

Hot Stone Massage Gisborne
Hot Stone Massage Sunbury

Psychologically and Physically Better

Our expert therapists at Charm Thai Therapy are dedicated to making you feel physically and psychologically better.

Our hot stone massages carry several physical and psychological benefits. Not only does it relieve pain and aches, it is also comforting and relaxing. If you are going through mental stress or any anxiety disorders, book an appointment today.

Comforting and relaxing to the body and mind


Benefits of Hot Stone Massages:

  • Encourages blood flow in the body
  • Relieves chronic pain
  • Reduce stresses
  • Promotes deep relaxation
  • Eases muscle stiffness

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